IncInk: Ranveer Singh’s Very Own Music Label Launched

As if the entry of Spotify in India wasn’t enough, here’s another new band – a new music label IncInk, by none other than Ranveer Singh.

Ranveer Singh’s Music Label IncInk


The ever-lively Bollywood star Ranveer Singh and filmmaker Navzar Eranee has teamed up to launch their own music label called IncInk. Yes, heard it right, Ranveer Singh is directly involved in launching a fresh music label in the Indian market. It will be a great platform for the budding artists in the Indian music horizon.

We are first starting with launching some really raw, immensely talented, new rap and hip-hop artists who we believe will be the next superstars of the scene. Rap and hip-hop are the biggest thing happening in Indian music today.

Talking about the new launch, Ranveer Singh said:

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The twosome will definitely be searching for some new talent through this platform. SlowCheeta, Spitfire, and Kaam Bhaari are the three “exceptional talent”, as Ranveer calls them, that will be launched first. And that’s not all. The new IncInk platform is looking for more artists to be promoted.

Navzar Eranee is the co-founder of the new music label. Being a music pro, Navzar Eranee is aiming to groom and nurture the new talent in India. And is confident that it will provide a new and fresh platform to the right talent.

Art can comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. Music has always inspired me to think and act beyond my perceived limitations. As an artist bubbling with a point of view, I grew tired of safe conversations and diplomacy driven by economic interests.

Says co-founder Navzar Eranee

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IncInk is going to be an independent platform that will be centered around hip-hop and rap artists. Being Kaam Bhaari’s fan, Ranveer Singh’s label has released their single. It is written, produced, as well as performed by Shikhar Yuvraj Manchanda.

Wishing the budding talent the very best of luck. Keep composing, keep entertaining!


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