8 Tips to Increase Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery Life

Want to increase Samsung Galaxy S8 battery life that you just purchased? Looking out for the ways to increase Samsung Galaxy S8 battery life. If yes, this article is just for you that will help you to increase the battery life of your new shiny Samsung Galaxy S8.

Increase Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery Life

The battery life of Samsung Galaxy S8 is just decent, around 11 hours. Many would desire a longer battery life while carrying without the extra baggage of power bank. This article will help you to know the various tips that will help you to increase Samsung Galaxy S8 battery life the easiest way.

So, without wasting too much time, have a look below to know all the tips to increase Samsung Galaxy S8 battery life.

increase samsung galaxy s8 battery life

1. Opt for Lower Screen Brightness

First and the most common workaround to increase Samsung Galaxy S8 battery life is to lower the brightness of your screen, the lesser the energy is the phone is wasting on it. Generally, we don’t need heavy brightness while we are indoors. Better make it below 50 percent during sunlight and indoors. You can also choose the auto-brightness option in the display settings.

2. Do not Use Always-on Display

There is always a decent amount of battery draw up while the always on display is still here. Go to the lock screen and security option from settings and turn it off to gain few extra percent.

3. Switch Off Bluetooth and NFC

Keep them turned off if there is no use of them at the moment. Through the Quick menu, you can toggle them off for in the connection options. There is no huge battery drainage due to this, but having it off will save a bit.

4. Tone Down the Display Resolution

The display resolution of S8 is very good with 2960 x 1440. It is by default set to 2220 x 1080 instead of the maximum. The display is very pleasant tot the eyes, but it draws a lot of power from the processor. It is recommended to use lower resolution settings, 1480 x 720 resolution, if you are trying to save battery.

5. Switch to Power Saving Mode

Another tip to increase Samsung Galaxy S8 battery life. There is an option of turning on power saving on the quick settings menu. The option of power savings gives the choices to select many presets. You can also manually choose the degree of power savings by brightness, CPU speed, network usage or screen resolutions,

6. Lessen the Screen Timeout Period

Go to display option from settings and select the choice of setting your screen to go automatically blackout in less than 15 seconds of inactivity. There will be battery wastage if you don’t actively use your phone but the display screen stays on for a longer period of time.

7. Force the Apps on Phone to be Asleep

We have many apps installed on our phone. Some of them we use only once a day, but it is never truly closed. It runs in the background and we are not able to see it. It sends useless notifications which we don’t care, but it certainly drains a lot of battery. So, to save the charge, put such apps to sleep. Just long press the app and tap on sleep option there. Although some apps like phone dialer, Play store don’t have this option.

8. Switch Off or Lower the GPS Accuracy

The phone has a built-in GPS. It draws an exorbitant amount of battery to get the most accurate location spot. If you turn it off completely, then the battery savings is very huge. But you can simply adjust the battery saving method of the GPS too by selecting a location on the location method.

The above preventive measures will be handy to prevent the battery from drawing too much power. For some, not all of them would be feasible as it would decrease the productivity and efficiency of the phone. But following few tips would increase Samsung Galaxy S8 battery life.

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