India is the second highest beneficiary of Facebook bug hunting

India stands at the second number as the highest beneficiary of Facebook bug hunting. This simply means that Facebook pays for letting it know if there are any security lapses. India has almost 78 million active users on Facebook today.

Moreover, India is also the second such country that has the number of recipients and is growing fast in the Bug Bounty Program. A bug in short means an error that can be either in software or hardware that can make any programme to go wrong or malfunction.Facebook

Facebook said that they started this Bug Bounty initiative a couple of years ago. The idea behind the programme was to award the researchers for reporting such security issues. This also includes encouraging the people to help the site keep secure and safe.

The biggest social networking site in the world, Facebook, has paid more than $1 million for the researchers from the world over. Facebook said that they have until now paid 329 people. These include professional researchers and also students apart from part-time people. According to Facebook, the youngest recipient of the award was just 13 years old.

The country that tops the list in this chart is the United States, followed by India. The third country is the United Kingdom. Turkey and Germany complete the list of the five countries that are in the Bug Bounty Program.

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