IndiBlogger Rank Goes Up Due To Consistency in Blogging

IndiBlogger rank is a key rank for those bloggers who have their blogs listed at the IndiBlogger Directory. I have been active there for more than three months now. When I got my first IndiRank – as the IndiBlogger rank is also known as, it was 77. However, my latest rank shows 81, which is certainly a soothing feeling.

IndiBlogger Rank

First of all, those of you, who do not know about IndiBlogger itself, it is a community of bloggers, who post their work in the community. Other community members vote for other members’ content. The more voted posts are pushed up on the IndiBlogger home page. Today, there are thousands of bloggers and most importantly, they are active.

What is IndiBlogger Rank

As the word ‘rank’ suggests, it is actually a ranking system for the registered blogs in the community. If you are a first time to register your blog at IndiBlogger, your blog will be verified manually. Once approved, you are now a member of the IndiBlogger family. And as far as the ranking is concerned, things fall in place automatically as the IndiRank system carries its work automatically.

How IndiRank Works

Though I am not an official source to know about IndiRank, here are some things in a nutshell. There are 12 steps in all that define a blog’s IndiRank. Once you are registered with IndiBlogger, you can be a part of the community after going through a moderation phase. The system crawls your blog – generally once every month. Critical data like the MozRank and Alexa rank etc. are taken into account.indiblogger-rank

Depending on the consistency and the above-mentioned factors, your IndiBlogger rank can either go up or down. You are given a score on a scale of 1 to 100. The higher the rank, the better. You may wish to visit the IndiBlogger rank page to know in detail. You can also place IndiBlogger rank widget on your blog from IndiBlogger.

Friend Circle is a Must

Now, to the most important part – a friend circle, a network. You just cannot increase your IndiBlogger rank if there aren’t friends in your network. I had initially written an article – “How I Managed to be on IndiBlogger Home Page”. In that article, I had mentioned some friends who were one of the reasons for my stead growth in the community that helped me push my IndiBlogger rank up.

Well, the presence of those friends mentioned in above-mentioned article is still important to me. In between, I have also found some new faces that I feel I must mention them here (some are just old friends whom I may not have spoken of in the last article).indiblogger-rank-widget

Tennyson blogs at Travel Diaries, the Movies of the Soul, etc. and has a good IndiBlogger rank – 81, just like me. I do make it a point to read his stuff, especially the travel articles are interesting to go through.

Anita is at The Explorer of Miracles. I think, it is her miraculous writing that has kind of forced me to read her articles from start to finish.

Sanguine, blogging at Sanguine, is very sanguine of her writing.  Have you gone through her articles? If not, certainly do it. I have read some of her previously written old stuff and it was great doing so.

Do not forget to cast your vote at My Favorite Personal Blog

Deepa’s photography is pretty simple. But then, simplicity has its own strength, isn’t it? The simplistic nature of the images is what I like the most. It may not be something jaw-dropping, but whatever is there, certainly is soothing.

Arti also has her blog on travel and photography. The photos on her blog are indeed a pleasure to watch like that of the ISKCON being her latest entry.

Note: Some of my friends are only in the network. So, it was not possible to send them an IndiMail. Still, they are equally valuable to me as there is also mutual understanding when it comes to promoting each other’s blog posts.


As I have repeatedly stated at various places in the article above, IndiBlogger is a community. It is a family and all the users of this community are family members. So, when there are your own family members to lend you a helping hand, it won’t be before long when your IndiBlogger rank goes up.

Friends, do share your thoughts about your experience with the community.

28 thoughts on “IndiBlogger Rank Goes Up Due To Consistency in Blogging

  1. Thank you so much for your kind words and mention 🙂
    I agree with your points mentioned about friend circle etc. I share your views about our community members being like family-members 🙂
    Happy Blogging!

  2. Congrats on the new improved ranking 🙂
    Finding people with the same interests have helped me too; especially with Movies of the Soul. I find it difficult with Travel Diaries these days because I no longer travel much. Instead, my blog Tea Cerebration ( is doing well – as you said, it is all about being consistent in blogging and the friends circle; Indiblogger has worked nicely for the same 🙂
    Tennyson recently posted…Jupiter Ascending [91/100]My Profile

          1. Sure the rank should go up no doubt. But I guess, you can have at least one post posted there daily. Keep voting and you will also get votes. As far as the rank is concerned, the IB spiders will do the work… 🙂

  3. Sorry for such a late response. Congratulations for your IndiBlogger rank & Thank you so much for your kind words and mention 🙂
    I agree that Indiblogger rank does increases due to consistent blogging. And also Indiblogger friends network helps and as a blogger this network is very important.
    Deepa recently posted…Skywatch FridayMy Profile

    1. It’s fine Deepa.
      There are many friends over here to share the same view that IB is pretty important to them and it’s network that can bring in change in their blogging. It certainly increases our confidence too.


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