Instagram for Traffic: 8 Easy Ways for More Traffic To You

Instagram for traffic should be there for increasing the followers, making leads and even gaining financially from the Instagram account.

Instagram for Traffic

Instagram for Traffic
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The 8 simplest ways to use Instagram for traffic are described here to make Instagram more user-friendly and profitable at the same time. You’ll find these ways extremely easy to use and follows. And once you are used to them, you will come to know how easy and important Instagram is for your traffic.

We also posted a couple of posts regarding Instagram recently. You can learn how to be famous on Instagram. And also use the platform for earning as well. That is not all, there are quite a few celebrities who are earning a cool amount to post a post to their followers.

1. Tag or Caption Other People on your Post

Instagram is a social media platform and every particular user wants to be talked about. This is done by adding captions and tagging on the posts. Along with other social media sites like Facebook or Pinterest, Instagram has also made its mark in recent years. Several brands use their Insta Handle to promote their product by tagging and captioning their fans and customers.

This helps them reach a much wider audience and make people witness the brand’s recent development or product launch. There’s one more way on Instagram from where you can ask Photo Submissions. And you can re-post the best posts along with its author’s name. This is a good way to get more Instagram for traffic

Instagram for Traffic
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2. Free-Paid and Cross-Promotion of Your Account

Promotion of a brand’s product and cross-promotion is the newest trend in social media. The same is pretty easy with Instagram, which got a new logo a couple of years back. Cross-promotion simply means cooperative marketing by two or more companies of each other’s brand products.

3. Purpose-Serving Post

It is very important to be sure about what exactly you want to post on your handle. The purpose should be very clear for making it more appropriate. Sue B Zimmerman, who happens to be an Instagram expert talks about the need of purposeful post. You should keep these points in mind to make sure the post has a purpose.

According to her, the post should have an alignment with the brand or the product. Also, remember that users need to use relevant hashtags. With Geotags there’s room for nearly 79 percent traffic. Apart from that the use of Calls to Action should be wise. Also, users shouldn’t forget to keep a clickable link in the bio

4. Increasing Sales with the help of Videos

Another reason to use Instagram for traffic is videos. It’s great to earn fast traffic with it as they were involved in a $100 million ad deal. It’s one of the tested ways to expand and circulate the exact specifications of a brand is by video uploading. According to a survey, almost 64 percent of customers get convinced after watching a video about a brand or a product. It can be easily uploaded on the Instagram handle.

Instagram for Traffic
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5. Don’t Forget to Comment on the Posts

Commenting on the post makes the customers rely on you for any query they have. Answering the customer’s feedback and being in touch with them makes a good reputation.

6. Share as much as you can

There’s a secret behind Instagram for traffic. Obviously, when you share a post, it attracts new visitors and you sand a chance of increasing followers. When you are an active user, the other users and fans also feel like following you. Sharing your posts regularly helps in an overall gain of followers.

7. Follow People on Instagram who are Beneficial to you

Always remember, don’t follow unnecessarily anyone on Instagram or for that matter on any other social networking site. Just stick to the ones, you think are going to benefit you in any way or are related to you.

Instagram for Traffic
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8. Always be Updated about the Feedback of your Followers

It’s always necessary to abide by the comments of your followers and this is a good Instagram for traffic practice. Even if you are super careful with your brand and products, don’t forget to check in with the customer reviews about the same. Keep them happy and you are in the business always.


Like some popular apps where you can pull in traffic to your website, there’s no doubt that Instagram is one of them. After  Facebook acquired the app, it got a sounder backing thanks to the big name behind it. Instagram for traffic is a good deal if you were to follow the tips provided here. There’s hardly any doubt that you will get sound traffic.

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