iOS 10 Jailbreak Update: Is Apple Making Developing Jailbreaks Impossible?

Looks like Apple users are having a tough time in getting that perfect stable iOS 10 jailbreak update. As per earlier reports, the next iOS 10.2 jailbreak update was supposed to be released by either Pangu team or Luca Todesco. However, even before a stable version could be released, reports are emerging that iOS 10.3 version is in beta version, and iOS 11 may also be on the cards.

iOS 10 Jailbreak Update

iOS 10-Jailbreak-Update

Todesco had earlier released the iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak in beta version, but Apple users were expecting a more stable update. Recently, mixed news that is emerging suggest that by the time he releases the iOS 10 jailbreak update, Apple may have released iOS 10.3. Reports indicate that Apple is moving for newer updates at a brisk pace to prevent hackers from taking advantage of current iOS exploits.

The good news is that some reports suggest that Stefan Esser is planning to release the iOS 10.2 jailbreak update. He had announced on Twitter that the jailbreak tool might arrive soon.

The iOS 10.2 has been a tough nut to crack, and with Apple moving swiftly, it seems unlikely that users may get any stable iOS 10 jailbreak update. The iOS 10.3 update will be the final version and may come with several new features, notably the theater mode. It is rumored that it will help the iPhone users in operating phones in theaters. The theater mode will silence the alerts and reduce the brightness, making it perfectly suitable for using in movie theaters. The iOS 10.3 update is expected around March for the general public and may be released in a few days from now for the developers.

Once the iOS 10.3 is out, Apple will focus on iOS 11 release. It is expected that the iOS 11 could be released anywhere around June.  Not much has been revealed about the iOS 11 release, but Apple rumors suggest that users may finally see the dark mode. With iPhone 8 upgrading to OLED, the release of dark mode looks inevitable.

With the quick iOS updates, Apple is making it difficult for the hackers such as Pangu and Todesco to develop iOS jailbreak update. Users have been forced to hang on to iOS 9.3.3 Pangu jailbreak since no stable iOS 10 update is available.

Only time will tell, will the hackers emerge victorious with a new stable jailbreak update, or Apple will again with an update make it impossible for them to work on a new jailbreak tool.


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