iPhone Bug: Hackers can Slip Through Passwords

A recent iPhone bug had been a matter of concern for Apple. This bug was carrying the potential of stealing sensitive data. However, Apple has now fixed the issue.

iPhone Bug


An iPhone bug has become a matter of grave concern these days. Apple took immediate action to deal with the security hole that provided a vent to the hackers to access the users’ iPhone. And thereby facilitating them with access to steal private information, for instance, the passwords. This lacking on the part of the company allowed hackers to easily break the secrecy gates of the users.

The way to break the secrecy is also very simple and the iPhone bug is such that just sending a text message is enough. The hacker just sends the user of iPhone a text message along with a specially modified file of the image.

This file that the hacker sends, makes use of the weakness of the phone, while the software of the phone is processing the image he has sent. This image or text is able to corrupt the iPhone’s memory. And this makes it possible for them to have an access to things like email and passwords that are highly confidential. The noticeable thing is that the receiver does not even suspect this activity. And his phone is under the hackers as a TIFF file type can portray the image as normal such that one observes no difference yet the hacker can temper with the iPhone.

It also affects other iOS devices and the OS X Mac. But the issue with the iPhone bug is noticeable on Macs. Additionally, this susceptibility is similar to that of Android Stagefright.

Ways to Protect:

  • The bug is rectified for those who update to the latest software.
  • Go to the settings on iPhone.
  • Then go to General followed by Software Update.
  • Select Download and Install.

The phone upgrades to iOS 9.3.3 that’s available for iPhone 4s and later, iPod touch 5th gen, iPad 2, and later.

If it’s a Mac then click the Apple icon from there select App Store. Finally in the “Updates” tab, one can then update to the newest software. That should get rid of the iPhone bug.


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