All about iPhone rumors: iPhone 5S, Math, C and 6

There is a lot of fodder for the iPhone rumormonger around with rumors about iPhone 5S, iPhone Math, iPhone C and iPhone 6. Rumors are doing the rounds about whatever is possible – the colors, the release date the specs and most importantly the features of iPhones.
Let us have a look at what is being talked about these phones

The iPhone 5S

There are talks about the iPhone 5S being brought in the market along with the iPhone C, most probably on September 10. This puts the device in direct competition with the company’s business rival Samsung Note.iphone5_2338246b

The iPhone 5S is also being tagged as the first phone that will use Apple’s latest OS – the iOS7. There were a lot of talks about the iOS7 during Apple’s annual conference a few weeks back. There are flatter icons that are redesigned and look pretty cool. There is also a Control Center that is with the phone all through and comes with a developed browser for better surfing experience.

According to the experts, the resolution of the iPhone 5S will be double than what the iPhone 5 has, where the pixel count touches almost 1.5 million. It is also being rumored that the new phone will have the Retina+ Sharp IGZO display that comes in 1080p Full HD resolution.

iPhone Math

Of the many rumors doing the rounds, one is the inexplicable one. According to this rumor, the iP6one 6 will be available in a range of handset sizes. There will also be an extra large handset device and this is the one that is tagged as the iPhone Math.

Though it is the largest phone, it only has 4.8 inches screen and is built with 8MP camera. It is really doubtful and needs to be ‘investigated’ what’s all about iPhone Math.

iPhone C

One of the best bets amongst this ‘crowd’ of handsets is the iPhone C. It is one of the better options as it is a budget iPhone. The intention to have a budget iPhone is to dig deeper in the emerging makers in the world. Apple is looking to make things more affordable for the customers.
Even the iPhone C could get announced on September 10.

The phone could release in the United States in the same month, probably on September 27. However, Apple is very cautious about the release of this phone and so there is not really much to get excited about.

The phone may carry a price tag of around £200 to £350. This means, the phone is cheaper, but not really a cheap option. The phone will carry colors like red, blue, yellow and green. And that’s it – does the ‘C’ stand for ‘Color’?

iPhone 6

The fingerprint technology could be coming in the iPhone soon and that could be in the iPhone 6. The chief information security officer at PayPal, Michael Barrett has said that there could be multiple such phones in the market soon.

The technology may be brought in use to either unlock the home screen or confirm the identity of the person, especially for payments from the Apps Store. The phone could also see Wireless Power Utilization that helps in charging the phone in a wireless state.

It is very unlikely that the phone could be released before the turn of the year. So, there is nothing to get excited about at the moment. So, don’t start your countdown as yet.

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