iPhone X Dark Mode: A Brit Student’s Imagination Put to Use

iPhone X dark mode has never been thought of before this British student had. Now not only applications in dark mode, but iOS 11 will be in dark mode too.

iPhone X Dark Mode

iPhone X dark mode is going to be a favorite of many after the new design by a British student at Northumbria University will be presented. The student is pursuing industrial design course and reveals his fascinations towards dark modes in iPhone X. The student Maximos Angelakis was born in Greece and his interest in design and technology has brought him to this step today.

iPhone X Dark Mode
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His first inspiration has been watchOS. The background in black looks stunning when it is in power saving mode. That is when he started getting the idea of designing something similar to that. He has tried to show how the mode will appear across every app and every click. This is going to make it more convenient for the iPhone X users to use it in the future.

iPhone X Dark Mode iPhone X Dark Mode iPhone X Dark Mode

The images he has shown has the Home screen, notification screen, contacts, apps, messages, alarms, apple pay, map, settings and much more are the ones that we use on a daily basis. Seeing the images, you are also taken back to the night mode in many of the e-books. The design is yet to be implemented. The view looks pretty classic and chic. What is your opinion on this?


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