John Ive May Not Stay Fully as Hardware Designer for Apple

News is out that John Ive, the Chief Design Officer of Apple Inc. is not handling hardware designs and is focused on Apple’s “spaceship” campus design.

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John Ive is not handling the smartphone hardware designs entirely, and this news came out from Jason Snell who is the founder of SixColors. During a talk show with Apple blogger John Gruber, Jason Snell talked about the current role of John Ive for Apple. He is working on big dream work of Apple these days. The architecture work of Apple’s campus named spaceship and Apple retail store is being handled by Mr. Ive along with Angela Arhendts, who is the retail executive with Apple.

That makes it clear that John Ive is not working on the designs of the future big thing – the iPhone 8. It is scheduled to be launched next year, which happens to be the 10th anniversary of Apple iPhone. The new iPhone 8 will be featured with OLED screen and other significant changes in design. As far as the OLED screens for the iPhone 8 are concerned, it seems a certainty as it’s also been seconded by the Sharp CEO last month.

No one can surely say that John is working on new iPhone designs or not. But even if he is not working, we can’t forget his contribution during recent years for Apple. The Apple Book that was released recently, which was dedicated to Steve Jobs, is a proof of the great works done by this legendary designer for Apple. Regardless of his great works and position of Chief Design Officer, John always stays behind the stage. Even in advertisements done by Apple John has been seen very less. He is a man for whom work is worship and likes to stay behind the camera.


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