The Key Smartphone Trends in 2014

Smartphone trends in 2014, it seems, are changing with each passing month. The Smartphone industry introduces funky new features. From fingerprint recognition to smaller phones with larger screens, the smartphone industry is one of the most progressive and exciting sectors within the tech world.

As smartphones evolve the price soars, yet it becomes easier to find reasonably priced last year’s models, for example,through classifieds websites like

If you look across the industry there are certain trends that span the biggest brands. Here are a few Smartphone trends in 2014:

Smartphone Trends in 2014: Fingerprint Identification

Fingerprint identification is now available on the iPhone 5s and HTC have also installed it on their One Max model. It surely won’t be long before Samsung follow suit. Improving smartphone security has perhaps been the biggest trend amongst smartphone manufacturers over the past 12 months.

Smartphone Trends in 2014: Smaller Phones, Bigger Screens and 2k Displays

Smartphone designers are seemingly obsessed with making smartphones physically smaller whilst simultaneously making the screen bigger.  Confused?  Well, it’s all down to the bezel- the border around the screen. Reducing the bezel, and in some cases getting rid of it completely, has seen smartphone manufactures increase screen sizes to as much as 5.5 inches.

Smartphone Trends in 2014
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Bigger screens will also be more beautiful with manufactures promising devices with 1440 x 2560 pixel resolution display. 2014 is set to usher in the long awaited 2k screens as well as the possibility of 4k video streaming.

Smartphone Trends in 2014: Better Photo and Video Features

As smartphones develop better graphics they also are developing better cameras. The rise of mobile phone photography coupled with the success of Instagram has seen smartphone manufactures create a plethora of photo and video features which will allow the user to easily add filters and edit their photos and videos.

Smartphone Trends in 2014: 64-bit Processors

As smartphones evolve so must their processors. Smartphone manufacturers are introducing 64 bit processors. The iPhone 5s features a 64 bit A7 processor whilst Android also plans to use 64 bit processors. This new wave of processors will see smartphones have more memory and, a further plus, they will be able to support improved graphics.

Smartphone Trends in 2014: Flexible Devices

Perhaps the strangest trend to be hitting smartphones is flexible devices. The Samsung Galaxy Round boasts a curved screen whilst the LG G Flex is bendable. The follow up to the G Flex is set to bend at 90 degrees, certainly some great Smartphone trends in 2014. Whilst bendy phones might seem strange they are just as tough as normal smartphones plus they will be able to support a host of applications designed specifically for them.

So, there you have it, some of the biggest trends in the smartphone industry for 2014. In this ever evolving industry, the key trends of 2014 make for exciting times. Just imagine what year 2015 has waiting for us, when we have such exciting Smartphone trends in 2014.

The article has been written by Aisha Singh.

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