Know About Gamification: All Things You Need to Know

What you need to know about Gamification, it brings together micro-learning and social-learning even after retaining the concepts scores and leaderboards.

Gamification involves applying gaming concepts to non-game elements. Game design elements are integrated with non-game concepts in-order to improve user engagement, productivity, learning, evaluation, ease of use and many more. Researches have shown that upon including gaming in non-gaming concepts the audience tends to like the concept more than ever.

Introduction to Gamification

Know about Gamification

Talking about what you need to know about Gamification, these portals bring together micro-learning, social-learning, and personalization even after retaining the concepts like scores, badges and, leaderboards. Ingame-based learning, the entire learning path is converted into a game. Partial Gamification involves integrating gamified quiz, activity and, assessment in an e-learning course.

Character selection and role-play is another important aspect of Gamification. The game based approach can also be used to make the compliance programs engaging. Interactive activities can be invoked to find out the difficulty level of the program.

Gamified Product Training is the process of creating a scenario-based e-learning portal, where each topic is a level in the game. Challenges are invoked at the end of each level. Rewards for a successful task can vary from experience points, badges or trophies. Dashboards and leader-boards are used for a sense of social recognition.

There also exists learning portals with gamified assessments. The technology helps to travel virtually to different places across the globe. Feedbacks about specific products are also received. Rewards are also earned as points or badges.

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A complete gamified learning experience involves 3D virtual experience, virtual reality videos, extensive learning, personalization, micro-learning and more. There are a number of courses which provide insight on Gamification. Aspiringlearners can also check for the Best Online Computer Science Degrees, so as to save time and money on learning Gamification foundation. They can learn all about it on the online platform.

Applications of Gamification

If you consider to know about Gamification, companies must find new strategies to make jobs more engaging and inspiring. Gamification proves to be the best solution. In many of the leading applications, Gamification has had impressive results. Global Gamification market will reach 11 billion by 2020. Performance management, learning management systems, and, employee engagement is the outcome of a good Gamification strategy.

Productivity management is effectively done through apps such as ‘TODOIST’ which assigns a positive grade for an accomplished task and a negative grade for an un-accomplished task. ‘Goibibo’ is the Gamification travel application that provides you points on traveling while the Mumbai Indians play and hence accumulation of those points can provide you cash. Videos, practice test, and adaptive modules are invoked in the education-based mobile applications.

For instance, Fitocracy is the fitness application that complements the user usingGamification methods for accomplished fitness goals. User’s financial goals are identified and promoted using the SmartyPig application. Woot is another retailer shopping application that uses Gamification to sell and buy products. Starbucks app also awards points to users for free-food and drinks.

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Gamification in the Healthcare Industry

Gamification can be used by both health care professionals and health care students. Obesity and Diabetes can be controlled by using Gamification to educate people about the seriousness of the issue using games, notifications, diet plans, and many more resources as such.

If you know about Gamification, you will realize that there is another useful application of this is in the case of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Here, children can be taught to play educational games, in order to teach them social skills, emotional recognition, and other related skills. Advantages of Gamification include participation, engagement, motivation, and team-building.

Treating Learning Disabilities with Gamification

Autism Spectrum Disorder is one disability that is widely seen in children these days. The symptoms of the diseases can be associated with the ‘Theory of Mind’. In the case of this disability, children lose the ability to understand other’s intentions and beliefs. The Gamification treatment is based on the extent to which the patient is affected with the disease.

ASD can be treated with the application of three approaches – focused intervention practices, comprehensive treatment, and psychopharmacological treatment. The three approaches treat problems related to social involvement, behavioral problems, and anxiety.

Games or applications can be developed which strengthens the emotional ability, response time and varied talents of the child. Thus with Gamification, we are not just opening a space for improvement but creating a world of opportunities for the people.

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