Latest Android Phones News: Vivo Launch X7 Phones June 30

The latest Android phones news is here with the news that the Vivo X7 and X7 Plus will be launching on June 30. It was revealed by the company

Latest Android Phones News


Vivo has recently announced the official launch date of their 2 brand new models in the Vivo X7 series. The latest Android phones news is that the launching will take place on 30th of this month. These two models are Vivo X7 and X7 Plus.

The company has revealed only a few features of these devices before their launch. From them we can guess that these devices focus on taking selfies. So, if you are a selfie buff, this phone is certainly for you. Its front camera with 16MP capacity along with its uniquely designed front flash gives us an idea about this.

According to latest Android phones news, this new X7 smartphone will be powered by Snapdragon 652 along with 4GB of RAM. The internal storage will be sufficiently large with 64GB.

Though it is built with the same Vivo X6 metal design few new additions to it has really made the design different. Reposition of the fingerprint scanner button in the new oval shape, to the bottom of the smartphone makes it look similar to OnePlus 3.

More details are expected from the company before its launch. However, fast charging, 16-mega pixel rear camera and NFC are some of the expected features in the X7 series.



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