Latest Android Phones News: LG G5 with Custom Camera

The latest Android phones news reflects about the LG G5 – the flagship model from the house of LG.

Prior to its release, the LG G5 has always remained in the news for various reasons. This time, it is rumored that the device will have a custom 20MP Sony sensor.


Latest Android Phones News

LG’s flagship device comes with a marginally curved display. It is also rumored that there will be an excellent 20MP shooter. The back panel of the phone will come enclosed in leather. And that’s why, the overall personality of the phone, gives it a pretty rick look.

Some days ago, the latest Android phones news and rumors were circulating hinting at the alleged specifications of the LG G5. According to those rumors, it was reported that there will be a Snapdragon 820 processor. Reports also indicated that there will be 20 MP 1/2-inch custom camera from Sony.

Processor in the Device

LG had to use the Snapdragon 808 SoC in the LG G4 device, instead of the Snapdragon 810. One of the reasons could be the SD 810’s overheating problems. However, things can be pretty much under control this time around. And if things fall in place according to the rumors, the G5 will have the powerful Snapdragon 820.

One of the sources also makes it clear that the LG Smartphone has a 20 MP camera that goes upward from G4’s 16 MP camera. And it will also have a custom 1/2-inch Sony sensor.


A 20MP camera is certainly a great feature to have. But, that alone just does not satisfy the condition of a high-quality camera. That’s why it is likely that there will be features like technologies like laser autofocus and image stabilization.

One interesting thing is that, according to the latest android phones news, LG will not be provided with a mass-produced sensor from Sony. However, there will be one with specially designed for the South Korean company.


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