Latest LG G6 Leaks: 5.7 Inch Display, Google Assistant & More

A new LG G6 leaks have surfaced recently. Yes, there were more leaks left. It looks like the new device may have a bezel-less design and a metal body with matte finish.

Lg G6 Leaks

The latest LG G6 leaks gave us a good idea of the upcoming new smartphone. The design of the smartphone will undergo a change with its 5.7-inch display and practically no bezel. The smartphone will come in black and brushed metal body.

LG G6 leaks also suggest that it could have a USB-C port at the bottom. It will retain the dual camera mode and will have a headphone jack. The fingerprint sensor will be on the rear. All of these features are typically found on LG devices. The LG G6 will be launched at an event on February 26. It is worth noting that currently, LG devices have plastic bodies whereas the new LG G6 will have an all-metal, matte finish.

LG G6 leaks suggest that it will have a 3.5mm audio jack and the fingerprint scanner will probably double up as the Home button, as reported by Gadgets 360.  It will also have a large SIM card slot hatch meaning that microSD card support will be included. The left panel will house the volume rocker buttons, and the SIM slot will be on the right. It will also have mono speakers.

LG G6 leaks also suggest that the non-pixel smartphone will have Google Assistant out-of-the-box. It could also be waterproof and have a non-removable battery. The LG G6 will reportedly run on a Snapdragon 821 processor. A QHD+ display will set it apart from other smartphones.

According to some latest LG G6 leaks, the smartphone will be similar to the LG V20 in looks. The leaked photos of the front of the phone indicate that it is going to bezel-less, both at the top and at the bottom, with a slim body.

As one of the first non-google phones to have the Google Assistant, it will be interesting to see how it is received after it is launched in Barcelona on February 26, this year.

[Featured Image YouTube Screenshot/Android Authority]

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