The Leaked Moto E5 Image Reveals its Design Features

The leaked Moto E5 image spread rumors about its design and the presence of fingerprint sensors.

leaked Moto E5 Image

leaked Moto E5 image

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It was rumored back in 2017, November, that Moto plans to launch its new smartphone Moto E5 in the coming year. Recently, a leaked Moto E5 image was found online that revealed most of the smartphone’s features. From the first image of the device that’s out in the market, it is known that the phone will be available in a metal-clad Gold variant. The smartphone has brought in a huge craze among the Moto users and Moto fans trying to identify what’s new for them.

Features anticipated

The leaked Moto E5 image is seen to have a fingerprint sensor at the rear of the handset. The sensor is known to be hidden with the official Motorola logo. Moreover, it was also seen that the front camera has a flash to provide light during the dark. This came up as a good news for the people who expected better camera features in Motorola’s upcoming phones.

Similar to its previous versions, on the side, there’s a volume controller and a power button. The two are present on the right of the device. The image also reveals that there is no USB Type-C port in the phone. However, it has a micro USB port below. The screen is expected to have a 5-inch display. Yet, the image does not give much of an idea about it. One cannot identify an 18:9 screen.

Other than these features, on the rear side, a single camera with LED flash was also identified.

Final words

Though there is no confirmation officially, it is still expected to have a dual sim capacity. Further, it is expected to have all the basic connectivity features such as the Bluetooth, GPS, 3.5mm headphone jack, etc. After the leaked moto E5 image, the audience is expecting the launch by April 3, 2018, assuming the price to range between $120 and $150.


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