LG Transparent Display said to be the World’s Largest Display

LG has created a massive LG transparent display that is 77-inch flexible, and has pixel resolution of 3,840 x 2,160. Below is the complete story!

LG transparent display

 LG transparent display
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Reportedly on Thursday, LG has launched its super-flexible and largest LG transparent display. It further bears a penetration ratio of 40% and a radius of 80mm. Besides showcasing this giant-sized display, LG will also launch its LG G7 in January, 2018. And the device will sport an OLED display too. Several smartphone companies such as Apple, Google and Microsoft have signed an agreement with LG Display. And hopefully, the mass production of LG OLED displays will commence from 2018.

This huge display can be useful in several areas such as infotainment system in vehicles, smart desk, digital signage, aquarium, etc. However, the final date of commercializing it still remains a mystery.

From 2012 till today, LG Display has been a pioneer in creating OLED displays. In 2012, it unveiled its first 18-inch flexible OLED, and then in 2014 and 2015 respectively, it announced its first 18-inch transparent OLED and 18-inch rollable display. However, in 2015, Samsung Display also launched its transparent displays, but halted its production in August due to lesser sales. And last year, it rolled out its 55-inch transparent display having a penetration ratio of 40%.

National Future Flagship Program created this OLED display by investing 126.2 billion won that makes $110 million. In 2012, the government authorities had given the complete control to LG Display instead of Samsung Display for taking up this project.

In the event that took place in Seoul, the Chief Technology Officer of LG Display, Kang In-byeong said “The completion of this large flexible and transparent display is expected to contribute to expanding new OLED markets.”

Further, the Vice minister of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Lee In-ho said that the recent development is display can have a positive impact on the application of OLED panels. Besides, smartphones and TVs, they can be used in automobile, health care, and architecture industry.

LG transparent display has revolutionized the tech era, and its amazingly flexible OLED screens has created buzz in the technological era.


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