LinkedIn Lite App Launched for Android Users in India

LinkedIn has rolled out LinkedIn Lite app for its Android smartphone users and looks forward to offering access to over 60 countries in the upcoming months.

LinkedIn Lite

LinkedIn Lite
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LinkedIn Lite smartphone app will be beneficial for the ones who encounter slower data networks and phones but have to pay large amounts of money for the ineffective services. As the app consumes space of only 1MB, the amount of data usage needed for using LinkedIn ultimately declines by around 80%. Moreover, the users will experience steadier page-loading speeds, no matter if it’s a 2G connection or 4G. In January 2017, the LinkedIn app on Window phones was discontinued as Microsoft had acquired it for a whopping amount of $26.2 billion.

It was in September 2016 that LinkedIn had launched LinkedIn Lite as a mobile website. And then, it further conducted a small online survey for helping job seekers in getting the right job. It also introduced new tools for aiding people in giving a more professional look their profiles. And now with success, the LinkedIn Lite app has reached on your Android phones. Here, the user will have an instant access to his or her LinkedIn profile, important messages, filtered job suggestions. The absence of super-heavy graphics will enhance the loading speed of page, and reduce the data usage. Can you recall that the professional website of LinkedIn was blocked in Russia last year due to the contradiction in data protection laws?

Akshay Kothari, the LinkedIn Manager of India said, “Besides providing a fast, data-light solution for professionals in slow network areas, we hope the LinkedIn Lite app will democratize access to economic opportunity.” He further added, “Regardless of their device or location, we hope to level the playing field for all LinkedIn members so they can get closer to their dream jobs, grow their networks and become more successful.”

One of the spokespersons also confirmed that iOS users may not see LinkedIn Lite anytime sooner on their phones. Well, that should not be surprising to hear as 97% of the Indian population uses Android phones. However, the iPhone users can rely on its basic mobile website for having access to LinkedIn Lite.

LinkedIn is focusing on exploiting the untapped opportunities in developing countries like India in order to achieve its long-term objectives. India, being a tech-savvy country having the second largest population in the world, can pave way for this professional cum social networking website to boost and grow in the coming years. That’s why LinkedIn unveiled its LinkedIn Lite mobile app and mobile website first in India. So, all the Android phone users who don’t want to miss out on job opportunity must install this fantastic app now!


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