Add links, backdrops and voice filters with the Latest Snapchat update

Here is the Latest Snapchat update! Include links, create backdrops and choose from a mammoth of voice filters in order to make your stories more wowsome.

Latest Snapchat update

Latest Snapchat update
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Snapchat is turning out to be something more than sharing your snaps and videos in different filters, and responding to your friends’ stories. A couple of weeks ago, it introduced its outstanding Snap Map feature through which you can share your current location with your contacts. And now, with its latest Snapchat update, anyone can include links to their photos. Earlier, only big brands and advertising companies were allowed to do the same. Want more? Now, you can also add some freaky voice filters along. And we’ll love using these quirky filters. Won’t we?

We all love adding cutsie effects to our photos through Snapchat’s filters. But did you know, even some of the Snapchat filters were inspired from online designs of makeup professionals and experts. But the geo-filters introduced recently are totally a unique concept. They are available at a starting price of $5.99 only, and you can start using them with a single tap on ‘On-Demand Geo-filters’ from settings. The price will depend on the time duration as well as the captured area.

Now, promoting your business just got easier with this linking update. Tap the ‘Paperclip’ tab located in the Toolbar, and add a link to your snap. The ones who view it will have to swipe the link up for seeing it. The Google Safe Browsing services will keep scammers away throughout.

Backdrops are simply cool and amusing! On Snapchat, you can choose a quirky background design for your snap. Voice filters need no introduction I guess. So, why not add some fun-filled and cute effects to your snaps now, and see how well it works?

Everything in the latest Snapchat update is perfect. So, update your app and start using these amazing features.

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