Low Battery Backup can Cause a Potential Security Threat

Sufficient battery backup is one thing that most consumers are looking for in a handset. And low battery backup is one of their prime concerns. But did you know there are potential threats associated if your battery power goes low?

Low Battery Backup

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How would be define “sufficient”? It’s a subjective term. For someone using a smartphone for an entire will still want more battery backup. And for someone with a simple Java phone will be happy to use his phone for a week without any extra functions. In both scenarios, the need for battery usage is different and that’s why low battery backup timing can vary. However, if you have portable power banks with you, you can beat the need to charge your mobile phone battery anywhere.

If you are Android user, you should be aware of these Android battery saving tips. And by the way, these tips are mostly useful on other platforms to with a few changes. There are some great battery saving apps like the DU Battery Saver that you can try to experiment once.

Gone Through This?

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How many of you have gone through such times when you have experienced low battery backup and had to switch off the phone or shut down the laptop? Did you ever have to? Well, there’s nothing wrong in that if your answer is yes. Most of us have to, including me. But, did you know, this can turn out to be a potential security threat? I am sure, you might not have even stumbled upon this thought in your wildest of dreams, but that’s how it can be.

Privacy / Security Threat

As mentioned above, the low battery backup can be a threat to you. Now you may be wondering how. Actually, this can pose to be a privacy / security threat you may not even know. These things have existed in the past too. However, it was only now that a latest study carried out on APIs has brought this to the fore. No wonder, you won’t like to take this lying down or lightly.

Researchers working with Princeton University have studied the status of the batteries we use in our phones and similar electronic devices. As a matter of fact, the battery can actually trigger a particular event and this could endanger your privacy and security, especially online. However, this study still hasn’t given any confirmation if the low battery backup problem has been utilized for encroaching on the privacy or for any hacking purpose. However, one never knows what’s there going to happen in the world of technology.

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Simple Logic

On many occasions you might have read message like “Battery Full” or “Low Battery Backup,” etc. This simply means the battery is reporting to the device’s operating system regarding some developments, right? When the battery is full or running out of power, using the APIs the battery processes the information and the software shows it to us, which means the software in turn, is also taking some “action”. Presently, we see this “action” as something useful for us to know the battery status.

This action can be anything like triggering the phone’s battery saving mode, or shutting the phone down. This is a very helpful piece of information for all the mobile phone users. But if used in the incorrect way, this can have very shocking and disturbing effects.

Take Enough Care

According to the researchers at Princeton University, there are a few sites around that are currently keeping a watch on the info about the amount of power or the charging left on your device battery. No doubt, if it is low battery backup, it’s likely that your smartphone/laptop will be potentially compromised. We aren’t sure if that’s correct, but it is very much likely. Always be sure that you never run out of juice or never have to use your phone when the battery is draining. All you can do is to switch off your phone instead.


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