In the Low Light Comparison Test, Galaxy S8 Easily Defeated Nokia 8 Camera

Recently, a famous YouTuber performed a comparison test between Galaxy S8 and Nokia 8 camera, and the results were quite surprising.

Nokia 8 camera

Nokia 8 camera
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Since the time the live images of Nokia 8 got leaked, everybody has some expectations with Nokia’s new flagship device. While many were confused to make a right pick between Nokia 8 camera and Galaxy S8, one of the popular YouTubers tested both the cameras in toughest low light situations.

Time to Focus

Considering the picture quality of both the smartphones in dim light, Samsung Galaxy S8 won the battle without much effort. When the YouTuber tested both of them on a street in dim light, it was difficult for Nokia 8 to quickly focus on the nearest objects. While Galaxy S8 gave beautiful and clear shots even in less light without taking much time to focus. As per the sources, Nokia 9 would be available only in 6GB RAM variant, while Nokia 8 will be available in 2 different RAM versions: 4GB and 6GB.

Sound Quality

Besides the ‘focus’ factor, the sound quality of Nokia 8 was not much appealing as compared to Galaxy S8.

Better Zooming

Galaxy S8 gave a better and clearer zooming experience (in low light conditions) to the user in comparison with Nokia 8.

Awesome Videography

The provision of a wider viewing angle and relatively better videography experience made Galaxy S8 the clear winner throughout this test.

As per the specs, Nokia 8 camera is 13MP with f/2.0 aperture, which is indeed more than that of S8 having a 12MP camera with f/1.7 aperture. But still, the latter gave convincing results when experimented in low light conditions. Both the smartphones are not available online yet, and we’ll make it our priority to keep you updated about the same.


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