How I Managed To Be On Indiblogger Home Page

Being on the IndiBlogger home page was one of the earliest challenges for me. That was when I was just starting to be more social regarding my blogging. After starting with this blog, writing articles was the first thing that was highly on my mind. I thought writing blog posts alone would take me ahead in my blogging ‘career’. But really, that wasn’t the case!

IndiBlogger Home Page

For blogging and especially success in this field, it is very vital to have a community where you can share your content. I had some really good content on my other site, which I wasn’t giving a serious thought to promoting. It was just nominal tweeting and promoting on sites like Facebook and StumbleUpon. However, it was a stark reality that dawned to me that finding success on social networking sites wasn’t as easy as it looks to be.

Blogging Communities

What are blogging communities?

Blogging communities are online places where there are articles that are categorized in various categories and topics. Bloggers are on the same wave length and they share articles for each other while building a healthy relationship.

Promoting or marketing your articles, blog posts or any similar stuff needs devotion from you. It can be in terms of time, energy and money. There are people who ‘market’ your articles in various blog directories, article directories and social sites for an insignificant amount. But, this means you need to spend money for this.

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IndiBlogger is a blogging community that you should definitely look up to if you wish to have traffic to your blog. And IndiBlogger home page is one place to be.

We will take a look at which blogging communities can be helpful for driving traffic in another article later.


Working with IndiBlogger

IndiBlogger is a blogging community that I had heard of long back. However, I never seriously thought of the community to be a part of. It was only by sheer fluke that I started spending some time there. And now, IB, as I love to call it, has become a part of my daily routine.

Many of us have heard and read terms like “it’s fun to be here at…”, etc. But the real fun is at IB and I can vouch on that. The people in the community are of real help and many of them are active there on a daily basis. There’s a blast daily on the IndiBlogger home page too.

How I Managed To Be On Indiblogger Home Page

When I started devoting time on IB, the first target for me was to feature on the Indiblogger home page. It was frustrating after a few days to know that things weren’t working out. I often spoke to Alok Vats, my friend on Indiblogger, who has been guiding me over there for quite a few weeks now.

But then, it took time for me to settle down and admit that being on the Indiblogger home page isn’t really everything on IB. There are many other things that you can do there, which automatically prompt you on the home page.

Expanding Your Network

Personally, I found a good response rate amongst the members. A majority of the people I contacted reciprocated sooner than later. Promoting and reading interning articles automatically increased the bond between me and other members. This helped in expanding my network, which gave me enough votes to push me on the IndiBlogger home page.

Friends Are Gems

Apart from the 15 blogger friends that I nominated inThe Very Inspiring Blogger Award for Gadget Garrio”, which also featured on the home page, there are many friends in my network, where I love to read their stuff and promote it as well (some of them are ‘new found’ friends that I must mention too).

Nandini Deka, Nitin Balodi, Kalpanaa, Fayaz Pashsa, Amita, Amrita Sabat and N. Velmurugan are some bloggers who have something indeed quality stuff. And that’s why they are here in my list. When you have such bloggers in your network, you are more likely to find success.

Commenting on Friends’ Blogs

So, as you grow your relationship with your blogger friends, do not forget to comment on their blogs too. There are lots of ‘how to’ articles that ‘teach’ you how you should comment. Commenting, apart from driving traffic to your blog, will also give your relationship a personal touch. This is very vital if you wish to be on the IndiBlogger home page.

Being Patient

Two of the hardest lessons are being patient and not worrying about being on the IndiBlogger home page. Lol…. Not going to the hospital, but exercising patience. Now you may say, what’s the thinking line behind saying “not worrying about being on the home page”? But that’s the truth. The time I stopped worrying about seeing my posts on the home page, they were there.


I did not put too much emphasis on the content part in this article. There are many more places where you can read about the importance of having quality content for your blog. But yes, do not get distracted when writing your blog posts. You may wish to read some tips to concentrate better when writing.

It has to be taken for granted that when you are trying to be somewhere like on the IndiBlogger home page, you have content that has some value to it. You will also get traffic for your efforts.

Did I miss any point or do you have anything else to suggest, please feel free to let me know using the comments section below.

22 thoughts on “How I Managed To Be On Indiblogger Home Page

  1. Thank you Abhi for putting me on a platform with some of the incredible bloggers on IB. Some of the points that you have mentioned above are very true.

    The one I would like to add is that as a blogger one should not be much concerned about being on the IB page rather should be focused on his posts and his passion that he wants to share with his community. This brings him up automatically.

    Thanks again for your kind appreciation and I’m humbled.
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    1. magnificent put up, very informative. I’m wondering why the other experts of this sector don’t realize this. You should continue your writing. I am confident, you’ve a huge re2a1rs&#8de7; base already!

    1. I don’t mean that being on IB page is not special. It is truly a big recognition and a sense of pride to be on the home page. I do congratulate you for being on the top page. But the intention is not just to be on IB page but also to be more passionate about the cause for which a blogger is blogging.


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