Meditation Apps in Virtual Reality: What is Your Pick?

As mindfulness and meditation gain popularity in the Western world, technology companies, and manufacturers have taken the decision of merging the hi-tech field with the meditation one, thus creating a variety of software and hardware that you can now use to enhance your daily productivity and focus.

Meditation Apps in Virtual Reality

Meditation Apps

In the same way, Virtual Reality didn’t want to be left behind and as of a couple of years ago, startups and small investors began to work on VR and AR experiences that would not only allow them to spread out mindfulness and mediation but that would also help all those people who can’t find the discipline to sit down and meditate every day.

The Benefits of Meditating

As years pass by, science has been able to prove uncountable mental health and physical benefits you can we from meditating as little as 5 minutes a day. The problem is that if meditation were an easy thing to do, we wouldn’t need guidance or self-control, which is why meditation apps for smartphones and now Virtual Reality, are so powerful.

What happens to the human body when it’s meditating is that it enters into a relaxation state that changes the brainwave frequency to a lower one, making us enter into a dream-like reality where our conscious and subconscious minds connect.

This makes the brain be more productive, more creative, and more intuitive, allowing us to come up with new perspectives on old problems. It also permits new insights and solutions to problems that we couldn’t have solved otherwise.

Meditation Apps

With every meditation session, we get rid of meaningless information and issues that cluttered our minds, leaving new space for relaxation, satisfaction, and productivity. Productivity augments because of an upsurge in a certain type of energy that is not meant to be spent doing physical activities but mental ones.

Among even greater benefits, therapists are known to use meditation techniques to fight mental problems such as depression. It can even alleviate chronic pain, train the memory, and uncountable other perks that can help anyone improve their mental and physical habits thus changing their lifestyle.

So far, there is no significant disadvantage of meditating periodically.

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The Mindful Side of Virtual Reality

It is well known that virtual meditation is not as effective as traditional meditation techniques, but users can still benefit from VR or AR apps that offer guided meditations or 3D, panoramic visuals to help them enter a relaxed state of mind.

These apps have interesting uses so far: while common gamers also have access to the software of this kind, bigger names have been working with the medical field, trying to get patients that are bed-ridden closer to nature, space, or places they can’t visit at all.

The process of using VR apps is quite simple even for non-technical users and doesn’t have to be expensive. Choosing a cheap solution such as cardboard allows using iPhone or Android smartphones in order to enter the realm of virtual reality world. Other options include various consoles such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR (PSVR) with appropriate console upgrades and useful add-ons all depending on how immersive experience you wish to have.

Meditation Apps

There’s even an option of connecting PC to PSVR, using Gamecube and Wii Emulator with VR support, watching Netflix movies in VR, and the upcoming features list keeps on.

Among some of the names you can find on the VR are market are Provata Health, Guided Meditations VR, MindMyths, and Wevr, a startup that collaborated with Deepak Chopra to create voice-guided meditations. Let’s check the most popular ones.

Nature Treks VR

This game allows you to experience new freedoms while exploring and creating your own VR world. It comes with dozens of predefined environments and soundtracks allowing your to relax in any surrounding that reflects your emotional state.

Guided Meditation VR

Find your happy place from the comfort of your home with the leading health and wellness app. Guided Meditation VR offers dozens of relaxing environments. There’s also a free version of this app.

Relax VR

Sea shore, woods, meadows… you name it. Relax VR allows you to immerse in positive mood through guided meditation. The app was created with the help of meditation experts.

If you are uncertain of whether VR meditation apps can help you improve certain areas of your life, you can always give it a try; your increased productivity and ability to focus on daily tasks will speak for themselves. Another concern is the effect of VR on your eyes as staring at the screen is not the same as going outside and enjoying the nature. But one thing is sure: meditation VR apps allow you to relax better and have long-term positive effects on health.

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