Meizu E3 Leaks: New Upgrades Brings Fingerprint Sensor

Meizu E3 leaks have popped up online. The leaks show a fingerprint sensor. But remember, the fingerprint sensor it has a side profile. The device comes with 18:9 screen ratio.

Meizu E3 Leaks

Meizu E3 Leaks

Meizu, the feature-packed smartphone company’s latest phone, the Meizu E3’s pictures were leaked on Weibo. While an earlier leak showed the design of the rear side of the smartphone, this leak showed the front and overall design of the smartphone. You can see multiple changes even if there is the same design language. And there are indeed several changes. Some subtle, some major. The design is curved, and the classic sandwich design is followed.

Many of the changes include the absence of an on-screen home button, and also many other hardware specs. Some of the other changes also include the USB port, which is now a type-c while the older phones had a micro USB port. Though there is no indication of an absence of a headphone jack, the USB type-C port might mean that this serves as an alternative port for the headphone jack, or that this port is meant to increase speed and efficiency in transferring files and music.

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When talking about the speakers, to upgrade audio-enhancements, another hole has been added to the speakers. A power button fingerprint scanner is also expected on the side of the phone. Coming to the camera too, you might see that the phone will have a dual camera as well.

This medium priced yet entertainment-focused smartphone has an 18:9 aspect ratio screen too. Though not much of information has been leaked, it can be easily seen that the phone is aimed at the daily phone user. Although no other information has been leaked, furthermore are expected.

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