Meizu MX 7 Leaked Images Attracting Customers Before Launch

A few months ago, the world witnessed Meizu MX 7 leaked images and product roadmap which gave the device unplanned popularity. From the leaked info, Meizu MX 7 is expected to launch in September with Helio P30 SoC processor.

Meizu MX 7 Leaked Images

Meizu MX 7 leaked images
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Meizu MX 7 Launch

The internet recently received Meizu MX 7 leaked images, but the device is going to be in markets by September. The leaked images are adding up the spice, and there are rumors that the company has made changes in the calendar. The company is creating suspense about the processor used in MX 7, is it Helio P30 or Helio P25? But, there are rumors about SoC; the company might launch MX 7 with Helio X30 or Snapdragon 660 SoC. Meizu is going to be the first company to launch a device with any of the above processors in September.

Some Expected Characteristics in Meizu MX 7

For the selfie lovers, the device is expected to launch with amazing camera qualities that are a 21MP rear camera and 5MP front camera for selfies. Apart from the camera, Meizu MX 7 is coming with a 5.7-inch display with 2k resolution. The USB port used in the device is Type-C port with 3.5mm audio jack.

Outlook of Meizu MX 7

The leaked images do justice with the device’s outlook. According to the images, Meizu MX 7 is not entirely different from other phones, but the side bezels are pretty thin. The device is following the signature style of the company with mBack button at the bottom. But, the company left a loophole in the device, Meizu MX 7 is appearing without light sensor at the top.

Meizu MX 7 leaked images succeeded in creating hype much before the launch. Now, it is going to be interesting to see if the device finds success or fails in attracting customers.


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