Meizu PRO 7 Specifications Along With 7 Plus now Available Online

The Meizu PRO 7 specifications along with the 7 Plus launch details are now available online. And what you get to know apart from the specs is that the leaked shots show the second screen too.

Meizu PRO 7 Specifications

Meizu PRO 7 Specifications

During the last few weeks, we were served with some Meizu PRO 7 specifications along with the phone’s rendered leaks.The most important thing in those leaks was the presence of a secondary display. What met the eyes was more than that. There was a dual rear camera setup as well. And it looks like this latest leak has just reinforced the statement.

We have another leak that clearly shows the back with two cameras of the Meizu PRO 7. And the leaked image shows quite a few things. As you can see in the image, the phone has a cutout that clearly shows the space for the dual rear camera. And there’s room for vertical dual-LED flash too. So, it’s easy to understand the Meizu PRO 7 specifications to an extent.

When it comes to leaks and leaked images, they give you a good idea of how the physical appearance of the phone would be and the specifications. Last month, we had stumbled upon the leaked images of the Meizu MX 7.

Meizu PRO 7 Specifications

If the secondary display for the Meizu PRO 7 is anything to go by, this wouldn’t be the first such smartphone. We have had some phones in the past with second ink display. Just to mention an example, there was YotaPhone 2 a couple of years back. The secondary display is shown in the rectangular shape to the back of the phone. However, it’s still not known what the functions of this second screen would be.

As far as the PRO 7 Plus is concerned, this phone will have 5.7-inch display with QHD screen. As for the Meizu PRO 7 Plus specifications are concerned, it’s likely that it will be powered by Exynos 8890 processor chip. We are waiting to know a few more Meizu PRO 7 specifications. Do stay tuned.

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