Messaging App Hike Crosses 15 Million Users

These days messaging apps are making news all around. After WhatsApp’s actuation by Facebook, Hike is in the news. The Indian messaging app has crossed 15 million users. Like WhatsApp and other messaging apps, even Hike is also a free messaging app.

The increasing popularity of Hike has brought the fight to other messaging apps like LINE, WeChat and Viber. The messaging app comes from Bharti SoftBank. It has just been nine months since the launch of the app and in these days, it has shown tremendous progress.Hike messaging app

Kavin Bharti Mittal, who is the founder of the app, has said that in spite of the explosion of various messaging apps in the country, the growth of Hike is pretty faster than before. Kavin Bharti has added that Hike is the destination for many people today as they look to move from mass platforms.

A lot of young people are looking to be more and more active on various mobile messaging apps. LINE, Viber, WeChat and WhatsApp have a lot of young people signed up. Even Hike has many users who are under the age of 25 years, actually 80 percent of them.

To attract more young users, Hike is looking to offer more features that are amusing and interesting. Actually, Hike allows the users to communicate with other users even if they aren’t online. It is possible through SMS. Hike Offline, as the feature is known, is designed for the Indian users.

Now, the basic question is, why is it developed keeping the Indian users in mind? Going in and out of the Wif-Fi zone or moving around the network with low signal might not keep the users in touch. So, Hike Offline comes in pretty handy.

“Last seen” is a feature that is commonly seen in the messaging apps. As far as Hike is concerned, the “Last seen” feature permits users to select who can see the “Last seen” as well as “Status Updates”. But, it must be stated that WhatsApp is still testing the features.

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