Messaging App Line Crosses 200 Million Users

The popular messaging app Line crossed a record 200 million registered users. It shows the popularity of the app as it takes on other equally popular messaging apps like WeChat and WhatsApp. The mobile messaging app is around two years old now.

The messaging and sticker app has gained a lot of popularity, especially in the Asian countries. And it is showing signs of taking on the other apps seriously. The number of the registered users was declared on Tuesday.Line1

WhatsApp and Viber are some of the other popular mobile messaging apps that are considered to be at the top. There are television ads of this app running on Indian television channels that is adding to the popularity even more.

The Japan-based Line was first launched in June 2011. It was only a matter of time before it gained a huge following and the number of users from the Asian countries was the highest then. However, there are other regions like South America and some parts of Europe where the app is doing great.

The app supports messaging along with voice over Internet Protocol call. However, the digital sticker packs, which is also known as character-driven emoticons has been the icing on the cake. It sells for $1.99 per piece. The sticker business has become a huge deal for Line.

The Line U.S. CEO Jeanie Han had previously said that the users of Line do send around 750 million stickers on a daily basis. The sticker business is so popular and lucrative that the company made around $18 million of the revenue in the first quarter of the year by selling the sticker packs alone.

The success of Line has proved to be inspirational to US-based app makers like Facebook and Path to go for their own interpretations on the communicative emoji to the services.

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