Micromax A115 Canvas 3D Phone Brought Out

Micromax A115 Canvas

The first ever 3D phone from the house of Micromax has been announced. The phone will be known has Micromax A115 Canvas 3D. The A115 Canvas 3D is the fourth in the Canvas series to be launched. The “glasses-free” feature is the high point of the Micromax gadget, which means you do not need any glasses to view the 3D content.

Speculations were rife about the launch of this device. There was no uniformity on the form of the gadget as well as the features. However, after the launch all the speculations have been put to rest. Micromax now has replied to almost all the queries raised during the prelaunch period. So, here you can have a look at the review and the specifications of the Micromax gadget.Micromax 3DAs said above, the phone doesn’t need you to put on the 3D glasses. So, when using this phone, you need not put the 3D glasses on. That has minimized the hassles of owning 3D glasses only for the purpose of viewing it when using this phone.

The company has rightly coined the term ‘NO requirement of 3D Glasses’. Why the Micromax A115 Canvas 3D Smartphone does not require 3D glasses is because the technology needed to for converting the normal images into 3D images is already embedded.
The 3D feature of the phone and a reasonable price tag of Rs. 9,999 should be enough to attract the potential customers for sure.

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