Accompli Email App: Microsoft Buys the appfor $200 Million

Software giant Microsoft has reportedly bought the Accompli email app. If reports are to be believed, the app was bought for a price of $200 million. Though the deal has reportedly been struck for the above-mentioned amount which was mentioned by Re/code, the actual sum remains unknown.

Accompli Email App

Javier Soltero, from Accompli, wrote a post on his blog stating that as Microsoft will now look after the app, it will automatically be a part of the company’s efforts to offer easier products for the mobiles. The Accompli email app was started to be built around a year and a half and in these 18 months’ of time, the team has brought the app to a decent position where a company like Microsoft decided to buy it.

As Microsoft takes over the reins of the app, it will add more value as the tag of the company name ‘Microsoft’ gets to it. It will certainly have deeper market reach and can help hundreds of thousands of people, especially the mobile users all over the world.

accompli email app

Mobiles Becoming a Part of Daily Routine

On more occasions than not, mobiles are used even before desktops or laptops are used for accessing messages and emails. As mobiles can be used on the go, people prefer to check messages and emails on the mobiles. So, having something that will give the users a fair advantage and user-friendly interface was the basic idea behind having the Accompli email app.

The Microsoft VP Rajesh Jha also expressed the same thoughts in his blog and further added that this becomes crucial to offer users email experience even when they are traveling.

Features of the App

The app will give a new user experience to the users. This will also be an innovative step and make reading easier as more has to be delivered on smaller screens, unlike the desktop or laptop screens. The app allows you to keep the center of attention in the inbox.

Furthermore, the Accompli email app allows you to schedule meetings. Apart from that working with files and attachments has also been made easier thanks to the mobile email app.

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