Microsoft calls Xbox One the all-in-one entertainer.

What do you think – is the Xbox One the entertainer of Gen-x? Well, whatever the answer be, but Microsoft has already tagged the Xbox One the all-in-one entertainer. The Xbox One is a console that every household will need when it comes to playing games, watching movies or television or any other kind of entertainment for that matter. The Xbox One is here to stay.

For around the past couple of years, Microsoft has been the leader in the gaming industry, especially in the sales of the consoles with Xbox 360 to boast of. However, the machine is now staring at a decade since being launched during which Microsoft has been one of the three prime console makers. The eight odd years has seen a lot of changes.

The two most important launches were the iPad and iPhone. And not to forget the Farm Ville which just came down after touching the summit. Then arrived the tablets on the scene that did and still threaten the traditional computers and even laptops.
Competition is heating up between the three major players – Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. All of them are vying to get the attention of the gamers in the gaming world. The aim is to extend the reach and move outside the horizon of the loyal gamers out there.

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