Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 available with Windows 8.1 Preview

IE11TextMicrosoft will be giving the Windows 8.1 as a free download. But along with the preview, the Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 is now available with Windows 8.1 preview.

There is an updated developer tools interface accessible for the developers. One of the new tools happens to be the UI Responsiveness tool. This tool comes in handy for making a profile as well as analyzing the performance of web pages.

Some of the other tools available are autocompletion to the DOM Explorer and Console. Another tool that comes for the developers is the Emulation tool. With this, the developers can see how the pages will look like in various resolutions as well as document modes.

One of the biggest additions to the Internet Explorer 11 that needs a mention is the WebGL. This will be available on all the devices that run the latest version of the Internet Explorer. What the IE11 does is it scans for all the possible WebGL stuff. It then implements a software-based render for complementing the GPU.

With the Windows OS, the graphics subsystem failures don’t amount to being fatal. And that is why the WebGL continues to function.

Microsoft has made a video, which shows the performance of the latest version of IE. However, the video does not specify the specifications or the configuration of the computer so that the browser can run seamlessly.

One of the changes in the new version is a change in the document mode to the edge mode. It can be enabled by making the use of the regular HTML5 declaration. Whatever the other document modes, all are deprecated. Microsoft has insisted the developers to update the sites so that any dependency on the document mode to display a page correctly can be removed.

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