Microsoft launches Office 365 for university students

Microsoft has launched the Office 365 version for university students. The Office version is designed such that it can be used by both part-time and full-time students. The official version was launched in India yesterday – on August 6.

There is a very affordable subscription option as well. So that should attract a bigger chunk of students who are indeed willing to go for the latest offering from Microsoft.

There are some features that should be mentioned herein about the new Office 365. Here they are:

Office 365

  • The set of Office apps can easily be installed on a couple of personal computers or Macs. So, two people can use the same installation of sets from one copy of the software.
  • For a 4-year subscription, the Office software costs Rs. 4199. The software will be made available for the students who are studying in the accredited colleges in India.
  • The software features Office on Demand apart from an extra 20 GB of premium SkyDrive storage. That is practically loads and loads of space considering it is Office software without much image work.
  • The software isn’t for the students only. The faculty or the staff members of any accredited school or college in the country also will be able to buy the Office 365 subscription.
  • Having the cloud facility is an added advantage as the documents, the spreadsheets or any stuff for that matter can be stored on the cloud easily. Moreover, editing and sharing the documents is also easier.


How to purchase the Office 365?

The first and foremost step is confirming the eligibility that you can buy the subscription. For doing that and actually purchasing it, you need to open the official website of Office. Mostly, you will need to furnish the university credentials. Once the formalities are completed, the subscription should be ready.

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