Microsoft does a Sony; Sells more than a million Xbox Ones in one day

The Sony Play Station 4 was recently launched and the company sold one million devices in one day. Microsoft has also been able to sell one million Bbox Ones in the same duration. It looks like a hot competition between the two tech giants.

The gaming console from Microsoft was launched in 13 countries. It made a record as it was a total sell out on the very first day itself. Most of the retailers have reported of total sellout.

If the claims of these two companies are anything to go by, Sony Corp said that they had sold the million consoles in 24 hours flat – with some interesting games – in just two countries – the US and Canada. The PS4 will see increasing the markets as the console further spreads to other parts of South America, Europe and Australia. The console will move to Japan only in the next year.xbox360

Both Sony and Microsoft are looking to take advantage of the holiday season by launching their versions of the gaming consoles. Microsoft has pinned its hopes on the Xbox One and hope that the device will attract customers that also fall in the TV fans range.

The US-based company is optimistic that they will get more consumers as they have incorporated music with interactive features for entertainment as well as more of media apps.

Even when the Xbox is priced $100 more than the PS4, it received a warm response. In the United States, the Xbox One sells for $499 and the PS4 sells for $399. Microsoft has tried to make the Xbox gaming experience one of its kinds by offering a range of excellent video games faster processors that give real-life effects.

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