Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Announced in New York

Microsoft has launched the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 on Tuesday in New York. The Pro 3 is a tablet that is tagged as being a replacement to laptops.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a gadget that has been manufactured to tackle the laptop as such so that the tab itself can be used as a replacement.

Surface Pro 3 screen

The size of the screen of the device will be 12 inches, which is a tad lesser than the laptop screen size. So, Microsoft has certainly made it sure that their tab will be just the younger sibling of laptops around today.Microsoft Logo

Better and faster

The 12-inch screen size goes up from the previous 10.6 inches. So, that is one feature why the customers will get attracted to buying the new Microsoft gadget. Secondly, according to the software biggie from the US, the tab will be faster than before.

Also, it will lose some extra millimeters and will come in a thinner avatar. The weight of the tab is around 800 grams. So, it will not be too difficult to carry the device around.

For the new CEO Satya Nadella, the Surface Pro tablets play an important role in Microsoft’s career. The company is making all out efforts to boot the sales of Windows Phone and tablets.

The first of the Surface devices had come back in 2012 and didn’t really have an encouraging performance. The Surface 2 made its debut in October last year and emphasized on tasks that are generally carried out on laptops.

It now remains to be seen what sort of response the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 gets. Microsoft has a lot of hopes pinned on this gadget. The price of the device is yet to be known officially. So, let’s await the latest on the Surface Pro 3.

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