Microsoft brings ‘View Mixed Reality’ to see 3D virtual objects in reality

View Mixed Reality, the inbuilt feature of Windows 10 is designed to augment 3D objects into the real word just with a PC and a camera

View Mixed Reality

View Mixed Reality

View Mixed Reality is a built in viewer in Windows 10 that will make it super easy and affordable to see 3D virtual objects created in 3D paint in real world. A PC or a Laptop and a webcam are all you need to experience this amazing feature. You can rub your eyes twice and read it again! It’s true!

Microsoft is planning to make 3D objects a reality with this Window 10 Creators Update.  The company made this huge announcement on the occasion of one of its education event on 2nd May. At the event, Microsoft unveiled this amusing feature of ‘View Mixed Reality’ which will enable any Windows 10 PC to see virtual objects in reality with the help of its RBG camera. Wondering what this RBG camera is? Don’t worry! It’s your normal camera only which has three basic color components of Red, Blue and Green.

Through a demo, the new unbelievable feature of Windows 10- View Mixed Reality created an environment of curiosity and amazement among the crowd yesterday at the education event in New York. Through the demo, Microsoft successfully created zeal in people to compare the life like real models with the actual objects and people near them.  Now the students don’t need expensive headset or Hololens but a PC with a web cam to see virtual 3D objects in reality.



A Window 10 PC with webcam is all you need to explore the View Mixed Reality which makes it unbelievable .  It is like a technology boon for schools that generally have particular specified PC specification of lower end for the students. The recent announcement of affordable Education PC with Window 10 from HP, Samsung, Dell and other starting from $189 gets wings after View Mixed Reality introduced my Microsoft.

View Mixed Reality will be available soon this year. So, wait and watch and keep the excitement on!



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