Microsoft Xbox priced at $499; Ready for November launch

Microsoft Corp. has announced that the new Microsoft Xbox One console will be launched in the month of November. The console would be priced at $499, much more than what most gamers expected.

The Xbox 360 is cheaper than the Xbox One. However, the new console comes with Kinect motion sensor. The motion sensor allows the gamers to play hands-free.

The higher price of the Xbox One hasn’t been received well, especially from enthusiasts in the gaming world, who had expected for a cheaper console.

Microsoft had made an announcement about the Xbox One in the last month. It has been done with a view to tackling the competition from other majors in the industry like Sony Corp. and Nintendo Co. Ltd.

When the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) event took place in Los Angeles, Microsoft had announced that the gaming console will be available for sales in 21 countries. The console will be priced at £429 in the UK.

The new Wii U 8GB model from Nintendo is priced at $300. So, one can easily compare how costly the Xbox One is. As far as Sony PlayStation 4 is concerned, it is priced at $399 – a flat $100 less than the Xbox One.

Microsoft has revealed the game titles that to Xbox One. There will be Xbox version of ‘Minecraft’ as well as a new game ‘Halo’, which are slated for 2014 release.

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