Five minutes of Google outage drops 40% of web traffic


A mere five minutes of Google outage dropped the web traffic of around 40%. It was not known why the web giant lost the web connection and the company is not ready to disclose the details. The minimum downtime was one minute to five minutes.

The reason for these developments is not known yet. The entire range of services from Google went down all over the world. The services that went down were Gmail, Google Search, and YouTube amongst some others.

GoSquared, an internet web analytics company, has said that internet traffic fell by a huge 40%. This gives us the idea of what a huge hold Google has over the web. There are so many users all over the world that rely on Google and just a five-minute blackout saw the traffic go down in such a big way.
There was a message on the Google Apps Download that read that all services of Google had been affected. A lot of users also experienced difficulties accessing Gmail. There were undesired and unexpected behavior and error messages.

A message read from 15:51 to 15:52 there were errors between 50% and 70% that had errors recorded with Google. The service, however, was quickly resorted in just a single minute and all the other services were back to square one in four more minutes.

Google plainly refused to comment on this and instead asked to see the dashboard message. In a matter of a few minutes, Google lost around $500,000 or £330,000.

However, it was not the first time that any Google service has gone down. Earlier, Gmail and Google Apps were down. But there was the outage separately. But it is nothing less than a surprise that the entire Google blacked out and this is the first time to happen.

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