Monthly Security Updates Google: Android Ones By Verizon?

Monthly security updates in the newly launched Pixel phones, will remain Google’s responsibility. But, for all phones purchased from Verizon, the retailer will make the final call for Android updates. Read the full story here!

Monthly Security Updates

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The Google Pixel smartphones have barely entered the market, and they have already become a part of so many rumors and news. Users haven’t been able to get enough of them, ever since their official launch. They are so excited that they cannot wait to lay their hands on these exclusive phones. Both the devices in the Pixel Line-Google Pixel and Pixel XL, have some amazing features and superb specs. They are so identical, that they can give people a hard time, deciding on which one to choose.

We all know that the pre-sales for the Pixel phones have already begun in regions like US, Germany, Australia and Canada. In the US, Google has chosen Google Store and Verizon Wireless as the primary retailers of the phones. Verizon even shared an unboxing video of the Pixel phones on its website, to officially declare its participation in the sales. Due to this, it has gathered many eyeballs towards itself. But, it seems that Verizon has taken all this attention, in the wrong way. It has decided to play by its own rules when it comes to the selling of Pixel phones.

Just recently, Verizon confirmed that it will be making the major decisions regarding Android updates on Pixel phones. However, this rule is applicable for only those users who purchase the phones from Verizon and Best Buy (since it does not have the unlocked version of the phones). All those users who decide to buy the phone from Google Store will be an exception to this rule. They will get all their latest Android updates from Google itself.

Despite this tussle over Android updates, Google has ensured that it will take care of the monthly security updates for all devices. It doesn’t matter whether the phone is from Verizon or Google Store. When it comes to its responsibility, Google will make sure that each user gets his fair share of regular monthly security updates.

The Android update issue serves as a forewarning to all users who still haven’t made up their minds, where to purchase the phones from. If they buy their phones from Verizon Wireless, then there are chances that they may have to wait long for Verizon to give its nod for Android updates. But, if they buy an unlocked version directly from the Google Store, then they will be spared from all the software-related headache. Plus, they will have an additional advantage, as the store-purchased phones are already compatible with Verizon’s system. Their devices will also be free from all the pre-installed applications from Verizon, which will enable smooth functioning of the phone.

Buying the Google Pixel phones from Verizon Wireless might seem like a viable option to most people. But, one cannot ignore the trouble of Android update delay, that it might bring. Users will have to consider both the negative, as well as the positive side, while making their decision. After all, the main item in question is the Google Pixel phone; something too precious to be taken lightly, right!


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