Moto X 2016 Specs, Price, Leaked Image Shows Metal Body

Moto X 2016 specs along with a leaked image has surfaced online. The Moto X 2016 price might be comparatively a tad higher that shows the device with a metal body.

Moto X 2016 Specs

The Moto G4, scheduled to be launched on May 17, is the center of attraction of the world. However, the Moto X isn’t to be left behind either and will follow suit shortly. The second smartphone from Motorola will show up on 9th June. And as is expected before the launch there are leaks and rumors going on around regarding the Moto X 2016 specs.

Here, we have an image leaked on Chinese website. The image indicates that the upcoming Moto X 2016 is will be likely the maiden phone from Motorola that will come with metal body.


If you look at the image posted above, it will show that it’ll have plastic covers both on bottom and top. Such designs have existed on some Android smartphones earlier too. This ensures that the metal there won’t cause any interference with data or cellular signals.

There’s likely to be a trivial redesigning. The smartphone looks like there will be thinner bezels and slightly circular curves. The image, according to the Moto X 2016 specs, shows the camera sited at the top and is seemingly covered by a glass cover for protection. Below it, you will see dual-flash. And how we forget the company logo in Batman style?

Considering the Moto X 2016 specs, we don’t see any fingerprint sensor on the phone’s back. Instead, the Moto X will have the sensor, probably on the device’s front, like the Moto G4.

Detailing more on the Moto X 2016 specs, we have to wait to know a few more things on that, though, it can be safely predicted that it will have a top-end processor. And when we say that, it highly means the SD820. The flagship is also likely to come with a higher price.


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