Moto Z2 Force Promo Videos Released by Motorola

The Moto Z2 Force promo videos are now out for the Moto fans. There are three videos highlighting various features. Enjoy them below.

Moto Z2 Force Promo Videos

Moto Z2 Force promo videos

Motorola has brought out the Moto Z2 Force promo videos for its fans. There are three videos that highlight different features of the phone. Last month, the Moto Z2 Play was launched in India for a price of nearly INR 27,999. Following that in this month, Motorola unveiled the Moto Z2 yesterday. And after these two new models, we are seeing the third one – the Moto Z2 Force.

The first video spanning 53 seconds talks about the fingerprint sensor capabilities. You can reply to messages and view notifications by easily accessing the phone. And the best thing is that you don’t need to wake your phone up. And when you are using the Moto Z2 Force when going to bed, the night display comes in the picture by reducing blue light.

One of the best features you will find in the Moto Z2 Force promo videos, are some shortcuts. A single twist opens up the camera for you in no time. And repeating the action opens up the selfie camera. Isn’t that interesting?

You will see a few cool camera features in the following video running 40 seconds over a minute. You can selective focus to target a particular area in the image. And of course, don’t forget the long battery life the Moto Z2 Force offers you. For your multitasking needs, the strong snapdragon processor is right there for you.

The third video in the series, is a 15-second commercial focuses on the shatteshield display. As the name suggests, the feature shields your display from being shattered. For better understanding, you can watch the video.

For the US customers, the pre-order is underway. The shipping gets underway from August 10. So, what are you waiting for? Go, grab your Moto Z2 Force.


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