Moto Z2 Force ShatterShield display is its main highlight

While Motorola’s new flagship device was launched a week ago in New York, Moto Z2 Force ShatterShield display turned out to be the main highlight.

Moto Z2 Force ShatterShield display

Moto Z2 Force ShatterShield display
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Motorola had unveiled a promotional video to spread the word for its exclusive smartphone. However, the company has had lots of issues with its latest gadget Moto Z2 Force. The phone was criticized because of being expensive in spite of having a smaller battery. A huge focus on Moto Mods further created doubts, even in minds of its proclaimed fans. Motorola agrees that the technology behind Moto Z2 Force ShatterShield display has been modified, but it won’t have any impact on its longevity.

Earlier in June, Moto Z2 Play was unveiled at an astonishing price of Rs. 27,999 in India, and the users were quite happy with the results. In the case of Moto Z2 Force, the reviewers had told that its screens were so delicate that a meager touch of nail could result in a scratch. And that calls for a disappointment for buyers who were already pissed of the exorbitant prices.

However, Motorola addressed this issue and said that shatterproof is nowhere synonymous to scratch proof. It further recommended its users to get a premium quality screen protector for keeping the screens free from unwanted marks and scratches. The company considered a 3D design for this new gadget, and the outcomes related to experiments and tests assured the same durability alike the preceding model.

So, we can conclude that Moto Z2 Force ShatterShield display won’t bring any difference in durability or performance of the gadget. Yet, the buyers can go for a screen protector for keeping this baby safe and sound.


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