Mozilla to spend $300K for developing “Super-Fast Internet”

Need for speed – it won’t be wrong to term the internet these days. And that’s why Mozilla is going to spend $300K for developing what’s being termed as “Super-Fast Internet”. Mozilla, who have brought out the Firefox browser want to have faster internet and are concentrating on increasing the speed of the same.

The company came up with Mozilla Gigabit Community Fund yesterday, which will invest $300,000 in the form of grants for various projects that uses gigabit fiber services. The speed of the transmission is said to be a million bits per second.

This project is being seconded by US Ignite as well as the National Science Foundation, where they will be paying amounts between $3,000 and $30,000. That will help in having a totally new type of internet connection on this service where faster internet access will be possible.

Verizon and Comcast, the two popular internet service providers (ISPs) in the United States haven’t rolled out high speed connections as they should have. However, Mozilla is of the view that there should be better evolution of internet in the US and should keep pace with such evolution outside the US.

In 2012, Google came up with the Google Fiber, the fiber service from the search company. This probably happens to be the most popular gigabit service. However, it was Chattanooga in Tennessee that provided the lightning fast internet service. There are already many cities in the US that make use of this service and a lot more are likely to spring up in the near future.

The internet speed is indeed lightning fast as it is almost a whopping 50 times faster than the conventional internet speed. But have you wondered what you exactly need to do with that kind of speed? Well, Mozilla will certainly have the answer to this question for developing the “Super-Fast Internet”.

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