With New Beta Send Multiple Contact Details in WhatsApp

Just tap hold on any contacts and you could now add and send multiple contact details in WhatsApp to your friend at once! It’s just as easy as you can feel.

Multiple Contact Details in WhatsApp

whatsapp Update, Multiple Contact Details in WhatsApp

Thanks to the new beta update, it’s possible to send multiple contact details in WhatsApp. The whole world is at your finger’s tips nowadays. The technology competition at the global level is making consumer’s life easier every day and we are going to have a close look at this new featureRecently, WhatsApp had launched a new feature that allowed users sending stories as well as had updated status options.

Imagine a situation when you are moving to a completely new city and you ask your friends or relatives about a set of some useful, trusted and reliable contacts such as a set of best doctors, mechanics, domestic help etc. for your convenience. This requires the person you are asking help to select and send the contacts you have asked one by one.

This would be certainly is a very small instance of your life which but technology enters through these small rooms in your life to make it easier.

WhatsApp is an app which has not left anyone’s life untouched. It is a part of our daily life and a medium for most of our conversations. But we were not having the option to choose a set of contacts at once to send to the same person. WhatsApp has recognized this gap and recently has introduced Multiple Contact details in it.

With the help of this amazing option the constraint of choosing multiple contacts at once got solved and now you don’t need to choose several contacts one after another and repeat the process of sending it to somebody in your contact. The recent beta which could be from 2.17.122 and 2.17.123 had made our lives easier by giving us the option to select various contacts at once and send it to the same friend. This is as easy as selecting multiple pictures from the gallery to share with your contacts.

This is how you can use this feature:

WhatsApp Update

You can tap and hold on any contact you wish to send from the set of multiple contacts from your phone and immediately you will get the option to add the other contacts on the screen. You can add as many contacts you wish to send at once to your friend. This option is available only in beta which can be downloaded through APK Mirror.

So, now you are ready to use this feature. Enjoy and spread the word!

Make sure you have the latest updated version of WhatsApp or update it from Google Play Store.


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