Nanu for Android will allow Users to Make Free Calls

Free calls over internet will be easier with Nanu for Android. This will allow users over 2G networks for making free calls. There are currently apps such as Skype and Viber that cater to such services.

Making free calls on 2G network is a common thing in India. But the problem is that such networks hardly give a smooth service on 2G. However, making free calls will change the scenario with Nanu for Android.

What’s Nanu for Android?

Nanu for Android is an app that works on the Android operating system. The claim made by Nanu is pretty straightforward. Nanu will allow you to make calls to any other user, who has installed Nanu, for free even on a 2G network.

So, what if you wish to call someone who is not using Nanu for Android? Well, a report, from The Next Web, says that even that (calling someone who’s not using Nanu) is possible. However, such calls are restricted to only 15 minutes. However, once that time is used up, the option to call such devices expires.

Nanu for Android

But, users with small data plan are l
ikely to get worried over using Nanu for Android due to the fear of using up the data on the 2G card. However, the company has pointed out that for a 10-minute call, 1MB data should suffice.

How are free calls possible?

Now, you may wonder what allows Nanu for Android making free calls. The answer is ‘advertisements’. The ads are played until the phone is answered. So, as long as the phone keeps ringing, the ad keeps playing. As promised by the company, the app works fine on a 2G network in the New Delhi area.

As the app is new, there aren’t third-party ads yet. So, when the phone keeps ringing until being answered, the ad that played was asking Nanu for Android to be downloaded. The same message kept on repeating in a loop until the phone is answered.

Currently Nanu for Android serves in as many as 41 countries on landline phones and in nine countries on mobile phones. Both services cater to Indian users. The company is planning to include further more countries as well as platforms so that more and more users can use Nanu for Android.

Apps for iOS and Windows will also be available in this year. What’s more Nanu for Android will also introduce a messaging feature.

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