New Note 7 Battery Fire Incidents Recorded Yet Again

New Note 7 battery fire incidents have been registered recently. A Chinese customer reported that his Note 7 replacement handset exploded within 24 hours of its delivery. Read on to know the whole story!

New Note 7 Battery Fire


Since its launch in August this year, Samsung Note 7 has been making headlines everywhere and the latest being the new Note 7 battery fire incident. Many incidents relating to the device’s battery explosion and the battery cell catching fire have been recorded. These incidents have completely rattled Samsung users throughout the world. It is because of these incidents that Samsung Australia was even forced to issue a recall program, where all the damaged phones were replaced immediately. This even compelled Samsung to push the phone’s launch in India, to October 7.

The recall program was doing fairly well. It gave the customers a choice between direct replacement of the handset or a total refund of their money. It is believed that 90% of the customers demanded direct replacement of the handsets, rather than going for a complete refund. Samsung had been efficiently replacing all the damaged handsets with new ones. But a new set of complaints regarding the replaced handsets have been resurfacing again, and this has started posing a threat to the recall program.

Just a few hours ago, a 25-year-old Chinese customer, Hui Renjie reported a New Note 7 battery fire incident. He said that the replacement handset that he received from the company, exploded within a few hours of its delivery. The replacement handset that he had got from the retailer, after returning his previous handset, suddenly exploded and caused minor injuries to his hand, as well as damaged his Apple MacBook. He was later visited by a Samsung representative who asked to take the phone away, that caused the new Note 7 battery fire and explosion. But he declined that request. After the incident, Hui Renji has lost his trust on the company and believes that Samsung would never reveal the actual reason behind the explosion.

Samsung however, is adamant on doing a thorough examination on the damaged handset. It says,”We are currently contacting the customer and will conduct a thorough examination of the device in question once we receive it.” The company believes that this incident might have occurred due to an external source. When they conducted the test on other damaged devices, they found out that the heat had been applied from an external source and the phone’s battery had nothing to do with the damage.

Looking at both sides of the story, one cannot judge who is the main culprit. Is the Chinese man correct with his claim? Or, is Samsung innocent this time? We’ll find it out in the days to come. But either way, the New Note 7 battery fire incident is a cautionary tale for all Samsung users and a clear indication to Samsung, that it needs to focus clearly on the manufacture of its products.


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