New Razer Laptop Specs: Three Screens With 4k Resolution, 32GB DDR4 RAM & More

The new Razer laptop is no doubt an innovative product and the company is known to bring such devices to its users.The Razer Switchblade six years back at CES 2011 and the Razer Edge followed two years later in 2013.

New Razer Laptop With GTX 1080


Razer is always known for its incredibly innovative products, though only some hit the market. After the Razer Switchblade at CES 2011, the Razer Edge in 2013, and the Project Christine, the new Razer laptop launched at CES 2017 boast an out-of-the-box specs with three screens each of 17-inch display and 4K resolution named Project Valerie.

Though laptops with multiple screens are not new to the market with Lenovo already having introduced the W700ds with dual screens in 2008 Razer has made an innovative leap with an a17-inch display with 4K resolution packed with GTX 1080 for the whole system. It is indeed rare to find graphically intense and powerful titles like GTX 1080to be available on 4K as the title is not even near to 24.9 MP Screen at once. However, according to Razer, the resolution should not be any trouble and the system is said to run efficiently on Nvidia’s G-Sync technology, though the monitor configuration is a bit unusual.

Triple-Display Technology

The three displays are built on the IGZO technology by Sharp that will help to reduce the power consumption, tipping the scales at a weight of 12 pounds. Hence, users can call the system more transportable than portable. However, it is indeed difficult to build a desktop under a similar configuration and weight category.

New Razer Laptop Specs

The other specs of the three display laptop are that the device will be powered by a Core i7-6700 quad-core processor and a RAM of 32GB DDR4. It comes with a mechanical keyboard that is slightly at the low-profile. The laptop is equipped with the company’s Chroma lighting system and a trackpad that is placed alongside to the Keyboard. However, there has not been much of information on the battery life or the longevity and repair process of this new laptop. Reports say that Project Valerie will be most suitable for those who work on CAD/CAM rather than in gaming.


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