New Unified Payment Interface Google Pay Released

Google Pay, the latest payment solution brought out by Google is an all-inclusive new payment system. It includes both Google Wallet and Android Pay for a nice experience.

Google Pay – Google’s Unified Payment Solution

Google Pay

Google Pay? What’s new? With the various ways to pay online and on apps, one can easily get confused with various at hand. Even Google owns two separate services Android Pay and Google Wallet. Well, that was the past. Google has just announced that both of these services are being streamlined to a single, unified service called Google Pay.

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What is the benefit of this new system? Well, when you sign up in the Play Store, you have an option of filling up your debit/credit bank details, and that remains there throughout the Play Store experience. Whether it is to pay for apps or renew subscriptions or services, the payment details sit right there.

Well, Google intends to do the same thing, but on a bigger scale. With G Pay, you can use the same payment details through your online experience, whether it is for web purchases, YouTube subscriptions or paying for apps, and also offline, at retail outlets with NFC payments.

For the online part, apps like Airbnb, Dice, Fandango, HungryHouse, Instacart and few other apps have also started implementing Google Pay into their apps, with other online services also expected to start integrating the service with their payment platforms. Google’s official blog also stated that this simplified payment interface will also be brought to Tez users in India.

Now although NFC payments have not yet caught the highway in India, we can’t wait to see how Tez, Google’s online payments and wallet app for India are going to implement these changes.

So, are your thoughts on the new payment solution from Google? Do comment.


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