New Whatsapp Update Will Enable You Go Handsfree

The new Whatsapp update will allow Siri to read messages with your voice commands. This enables users to read messages even while they are busy driving or working.

New Whatsapp update
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Last year, with the release of the iOS 10, Apple opened up its OS for third-party app integrations. Following the first ever iOS update from the company, which allows third-party app integration, a number of messaging applications such as Whatsapp and Snapchat rolled out updates for better user experience. Last September Whatsapp started rolling out its iOS app updates with “Siri” integration.

Whatsapp Adds Siri Integration To iOS App

Apple’s voice assistant “Siri” has gone through a lot of tweaking in the iOS 10 update, to suit the requirements of third-party application integration. Though “Siri” is not as compatible as the Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s voice assistant, with regards to third-party app support, constant updates are making Siri more useful than before. The September Whatsapp iOS app update allowed iPhone and iPad users to send messages to their contacts through “Siri” voice-support. Users were able to send texts to other Whatsapp contacts just by asking “Hey Siri,” “Whatsapp ‘Contact’ ‘your message’ and Siri will send the message right away.

Ask Siri To Read Out Messages Aloud

Moving a step further, Whatsapp rolled out its recent update, which not only allows Siri to send messages but also read out aloud the recently received messages in Whatsapp. Users can activate this by going to Settings>Siri>Whatsapp Toggle ON. This will allow Siri to integrate with Whatsapp. Then users can simply dictate Siri to read their last received messages in Whatsapp.

New Whatsapp Update Lets You Go Hands-Free

Hence users don’t have to open their app to check out their recently received texts. They can keep themselves updated with the latest messages in Whatsapp by simply asking Siri to read it to them. The feature is available for all users who are running the iOS version 10.3 or above. The latest Whatsapp update also has tweaks such as adding multiple statuses, group info and contact info screens, call tab and more.


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