Nintendo New Games Update: Super Mario Run To Be Followed By More Android Games

Super Mario Run is the latest craze from the home of Nintendo to grip the smartphone and video gamers alike. And this is not all. Keep your fingers crossed as we will soon be served with a few more games come 2017.

Super Mario Run


Smartphone gamers will be happy to know that more new games from Nintendo are coming their way in the year 2017. Nintendo has reportedly said that Super Mario Run Android game and several other games will be made available to fans in 2017 and onwards.

Kyoto Shimbun, a Japanese newspaper reported that Nintendo President, Tatsumi Kimishima saying in an interview that Super Mario Run, a game used by Android gamers, will be made available in 2017. He is also reported to have said that the plan is for Nintendo to release about three games for smartphones each year, starting 2017.

Japanese daily, Sankei, has reported Kimishima as claiming that Nintendo has the capacity to release “more than three smartphone games” each year. The final products in app stores will be determined by monetization models and the target audience of these games. The target, reportedly, is to make smartphone games, with other games and its console hardware, a source of revenue for Nintendo.

The Nintendo President’s comments are in keeping with what the company has publicly disclosed in the past. The year 2015 was privy to the fact that Nintendo wanted to release five mobile games by next year. The company has already released games like Super Mario Run and Miitomo. Two other games, namely, Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing, not necessarily in that order, are about to be released. Fans are waiting with breathless anticipation for their next game.

Both Super Mario Run and Miitomo are favorite games. However, Super Mario Run is reported to have hit 40 million downloads in four days. This information came with an official announcement made by Nintendo. Various third parties had started talking about the potential of Super Mario Run. The company had also released a brand new feature in the game, Friendly Run. The announcement by Nintendo came in the wake of these incidents.

Meanwhile, it is worth noting that some latest reports have made it clear that the Super Mario Run is no longer the highest grossing app in any country.


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